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Why use the holistic approach?

Theories give us different ways to see the world -- and our problems.

Traditional psychotherapy focuses on the intrapsychic self -- our internal conflicts. Social Work introduced the idea of seeing the person in environment, looking at not only our social connections but also how our work, finances, and involvement in society affect our well being. A holistic approach alters the perspective yet again, looking at the interaction between mind, body and spirit while inviting the use of other ways of knowing and other modes of healing.

Rebecca and her client will select which framework fits the issues at hand and frequently move between different viewpoints to find what is most effective.

While always maintaining respect for her client's beliefs, Rebecca has found it useful to treat the whole person, looking at the effects of the outside environment on the internal world -- and the interactions of our emotional health on our physical health and our spiritual well-being.

For example, a client comes in with stress issues. Depending on need and preference, the session could focus on negative self talk (intra psychic) or social and family stresses (person-in-environment). Future sessions can focus on learning new coping skills (like meditation, assertiveness, or improved communication), and improving living habits (such as regular exercise and healthier eating) for the holistic approach. Rebecca and her client will discuss a variety of possible solutions before deciding on a course of therapy.

The holistic approach also allows the therapy to include metaphysical and metaphorical components from Western, Eastern, and Native American traditions.

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